Benefits of FIX API

Experience unparalleled advantages with FIX API, designed to streamline your trading experience. Gain a competitive edge in the financial markets with direct access, lightning-fast execution, and enhanced control over your trading strategies.

Direct Market

Execute orders directly in the market, bypassing intermediaries, for lightning-fast trade execution and reduced latency.


Benefit from millisecond-level execution speeds, ensuring your trades are executed at the best available prices in real-time.

Industry-Standard Communication Protocol

Globally recognized industry standard that ensures seamless and reliable communication with counterparties, brokers, and liquidity providers.

Enhanced Control and Transparency

Enjoy full control over your trading activities, monitor real-time market data, access detailed order book info, and more.

Why Use our FIX API

Unlock the full potential of NCE's FIX API and revolutionize your trading experience. Whether you're an individual trader, asset manager, hedge fund, broker, or a company, our FIX API offers tailored solutions to elevate your trading strategies.

Customized Trading Solutions for Individuals

Efficiency for Asset Managers and Hedge Funds

Automatic Exchange and Currency Hedging for Brokers and Companies

Competitive Pricing for Institutional Partners

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